About Chobham Flowers

We are located on the high street in the idyllic village of Chobham, Surrey. Our shop is inside a beautiful 16th century building with the most amazing baker’s ovens at the back! Yes we have ovens at the back of our shop not working I don’t think... anyways their listed part of the building and beautifully untouchable. 

Being built in the 16th century our shop has very low ceilings (be sure to duck) and many different parts to it, the shop goes back very far giving us a lot of working space and you a lot of browsing space.

There has been a flower shop located on Chobham High Street for over 15 years it has been in the hands of what I believe to be 3 different florists, I (Lizzie) purchased Chobham Flowers in October 2019 and am so very grateful to have become a part of the most supportive and kind community that Chobham is. 

We are a beautiful fun loving group of florists, who love to chat away in the shop making beautiful bouquets for our wonderful customers sending them out all over surrey to be delivered to big smiley faces. Our styles are all unique but we all have one thing in common FLOWERS! Lots of beautiful flowers in all shapes, sizes, colours and forms. With years of floral experience we love creating anything and everything we get our hands on so don’t be shy with your creative ideas.

About Me (Lizzie)

Hi my name is Lizzie and I m the very proud owner of a beautiful flower shop in Chobham, Surrey.

I live and grew up in a beautiful village of Merstham, Surrey approximately 28 Miles from Chobham! Yeah I know a long way well apparently I love the M25 (LOL).

How Did I Become a Florist

I have been a Florist since I was 16 years old I worked as a Saturday girl in a florist when I was studying for my A-levels. I then took a Gap Year from studying and worked fulltime in the florist being trained by the on sight florist picking up knowledge and customer service skills. I was offered a promotion and the chance to go to Floristry School all paid for my employer instead of going to university. I attended Floristry school for 2 years whilst working full time in the Florist. I then decided to look for another Job with more responsibility.

I left my job to start a new one as Florist Manger at the age of 21 I ran flower shop in Dorking for 2 year whilst being the head buyer for all Indoor living, Home wares and Seasonal Goods and Knights Garden Centres. During my time at Knights I learnt so much about management, back office and supplier relationships. I attended many trade fairs and went to Holland to see the production and logistics behind this global industry.

After doing the job for 2 years I decided to go self employed and become a freelance florist exploring all the different ways of working in the industry. I managed to secure about 16 weddings under my personal name executing these on my own from a rented studio space and storage facility. For bigger jobs I had other freelance florists I have met during my time to come and work with me on the larger scale events. I did this for 18 months before purchasing Chobham Flowers in October 2019.

Fun Stuff

Favourite Meal

Spag Bol with lots of cheese

Favourite Colour

Black, White, Grey and dark green (boring sorry)

Favourite Saying

“That’s proper shocking that!"

Favourite Drink

Starbucks- Vanilla soya latte or an Ice cold LARGE glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

Passing Free Time

SHOPPING! I love clothes shoes bags and have way way too many of them all.